BID Services Booklet
The BID represents over 630 BID levy payers made up of business representatives from a myriad of sectors across the city centre. The below document was created in 2021 to showcase the services which eligible members can access. For an up-to-date list of service, refer to the Opportunities page on this website.


2022-2027 Business Plan
The 2022-2027 Business Plan was published in 2021 as a crucial document during the ballot process for the BID’s second term. This gave eligible businesses the information they needed to vote on the future of the BID. The ballot was a success (see About Us for more information) and GO! Southampton now use this five year business plan as a road map for supporting businesses.


All Business Plans
Additionally to the five year Business Plan, GO! Southampton created yearly business plans, a mid-term review and a COVID-19 Recovery Plan. All the below documents are created with consultation and steer from levy payers. You can download and view these documents by clicking on the relevant publication below.