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National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2021

October 09 - October 16

National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2021 runs from 9th to 16th October 2021. There is lots of information and resources on the National Hate Crime Awareness Week website for ideas on getting involved.


Southampton Hate Crime Network Activities:

Unity 101’s ‘Behind the Badge’ community hour
Have a slot during Unity 101’s ‘Behind the Badge’ community hour (3pm – 4pm) on Thursday 14/10 to talk about the achievements of the network over the last year. You can listen live via this link.


Citizens Advice Southampton – Tuesday 12th October, 2pm
The Hate Crime conference, which partnered with other network members to host, is being launched. You can register now to watch the conference via this link. For more information email Sarah Brightwell,


SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living
SPECTRUM are planning to raise a flag at their Unity 12 premises, to promote the network’s Love Don’t Hate campaign. For more information email Sam Waddington,


Southampton City Council
During the week, they will be flying a flag outside the Southampton Civic Centre to promote network’s Love Don’t Hate campaign. For more information email Lisa Hammerton,


Southampton Solent University
All week Student Advice team wearing T-shirts promoting network’s Love Don’t Hate campaign
Posters being put up around the Student Hub to raise Hate Crime awareness. For more information email Janet Stanton, janet.stanton@solent,


Hate Crime Information Day – Saturday 9th October
This event is being held at the Marlands Shopping Centre. It is a joint project by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and other agencies to raise hate crime awareness and promote their service. Several other hate crime awareness sessions with organisations and community groups are being planned. For more information email Helal Ali,

The Southampton Hate Crime Network will also have a stall to promote what they do to tackle Hate Crime.


Southampton Hate Crime Network Website
There are new developments being made to the network’s website pages, which will go live from Hate Crime week. Use the site ( to play an interactive Hate Crime quiz and order merchandise for raising Hate Crime awareness. For more information email Sam Waddington,


University of Southampton Student Services
An event is being run by Lina Al Jabbar (Tackling Harassment Advisor) and Marie Fall (Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Practitioner). The activities will include students writing a pledge or statement on a whiteboard regarding Hate Crimes. Afterwards, participants will take pictures with their statement/pledge with a Polaroid camera. The intention is to present the pictures on a large board, which will display the various things written by the students. They hope that this will generate some conversation around the topic and ideas on how to tackle hate crimes within the student community. For more information email Lina Al Jabbar,


Social Media Campaign
The above agencies will also be sharing digital communication on their online platforms to raise Hate Crime awareness. This includes the Southampton Hate Crime Facebook page, who will be sharing daily posts.


GO! Southampton is a member of the Southampton Hate Crime Network (Spectrum), a network partnership of over 40 organisations that work together to provide support for Hate Crime victims and helps to raise awareness across the city.


October 09 - October 16
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