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City Networking – March 2023

March 09 @ 6pm - 8pm

This event is your chance to hear speeches from prominent people in the city and network with business owners based in Southampton city centre.

This event is intended for GO! Southampton levy payers, council representatives and people from Southampton’s community organisations. Numbers are limited to 100 people due to venue capacity. GO! Southampton prioritise GO! Southampton levy payers and key city representatives, combined with a list of community organisations selected by Unity 101.

BONUS: Turn up at 5:15pm for a free 45minute tour of the SeaCity Museum, before the event starts.

Host: Aryana Neo

Key speakers on the night:

  • Jann Railton, Owner of Blue Piranha, a Southampton-based clothing company
  • Mark Rands, Eco-Sytem Manager, Network Eagle Lab

Location: SeaCity Museum, Havelock Rd, Southampton, SO14 7FY

Catering & entertainment: Beity Lebanese Restaurant

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March 09
6pm - 8pm
SeaCity Museum, Havelock Road, Southampton, UK

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