Greater City Centre Experience

The Greater City Centre Experience theme group is chaired by Caroline French, from WJ French and Sons. The group has 4 core aims:

1. A Cleaner City Centre
Working with our partners we will make sure that our City Centre is cleaner and that our pavements and streets are upgraded. We will increase standards of street cleaning where necessary, with special emphasis on flagship areas such as the city walls. We will support greening initiatives with new planting and micro gardening and encourage all landowners to take better care of their grounds.

2. Safer City Centre
With the police and City Council, we will work to achieve a measurable reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour, including begging, shoplifting and pedlars. Again the BID will look to augment the efforts of others who need to use the powers they have consistently. We will also assist in the identification of suspects, improve crime reporting and consider a diverted giving scheme to charities that support the homeless.

3. Coordinated and Better Events
We will enhance the current programme of City Centre events into a stronger and better marketed annual programme. Events will be higher quality and more strongly marketed both in and outside the city. We will identify new sponsors and look for new partnerships, for example with Culture Southampton. We will exploit the new facilities in the Cultural Quarter and Western Esplanade, adjacent to the City Walls.

4. Better Transport
We will champion improvements to traffic management and parking, to public transport and to transport infrastructure. In the short term we will focus on securing a significantly improved parking experience equal to the best in the commercial sector. We will seek to improve the condition of roads and pavements and achieve better bus and train services. In the longer term we will engage at local and regional levels to secure infrastructure improvements that might include a new traffic signal system, road improvements and better public transport interchanges.

For more detailed information on the activities of this group, please see the business plan or contact us at

Projects & Achievements

February 2020 – A letter to the Hampshire Police and Crime Commisioner – GO! Southampton along with other business leaders wrote a letter to the Hampshire Police and Crime Commisioner about the disproportionately low levels of policing compared to crime in the city centre and the detrimental effect that it is having on Southampton. 

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September 2019 – Hearing Loop fund boosted –  A partnership campaign has been launched to help provide hearing loop systems for small businesses and GP surgeries across the city for free with £54,000 worth of funding behind it. 

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July 2019 – Bid for Historic High Street Funding – Working with Southampton City Council, GO! Southampton put in a bid for a slice of £44million funding from Historic England. With a focus on the Old Town North, West and South Conservation Areas of Southampton. The proposals include physical improvements to the Bargate, Holyrood Church, vaults and walls.

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June 2019 – New Cleansing Programme – In partnership with Southampton City Council, a new cleaning team has been created in a bid to make the city an even more inviting place to live, work and visit. Businesses are able to contact the team for help with graffiti removal on their premises.

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March 2019 – Fight Against Crime – GO! Southampton introduced Martin Conlan, our Case File Builder, to target prolific offenders who were committing significant levels of crime in the city. 

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September 2018 – Connected 2040 Briefing – GO! Southampton held the first Connected 2040 briefing. The draft strategy, which is out to public consultation until Tuesday 16 October, sets out a long-term vision for improving the transport network in Southampton over the next twenty years.

Connected Southampton 2040 Briefing

August 2018  – Helistrat Appointed – Go! Southampton appointed Helistrat to complete a review of the commercial waste provision in Southampton. Helistrat help companies with sustainability and waste management challenges to think differently, designing out waste and unlocking its value. They will be starting a project with GO! Southampton to benchmark waste streams across the district, produce a gap analysis, and provide recommendations for a future commercial waste scheme in Southampton.

July 2018 – Waste & Recycling – Go! Southampton started exploring opportunities to further reduce business costs. A key area of exploration included a review of the commercial waste and recycling operations in the city. The aim of the scheme would be to ensure the service is competitively priced saving businesses money, whilst reducing the City’s carbon footprint. Go! Southampton will be working with an industry expert to complete this review.

July 2018 – Street Rangers Launch – GO! Southampton’s new Street Rangers hit the streets of Southampton.

Rangers Team

September 2018 – Cleaning SWAT Team Launches – The city centre will saw the arrival of a dedicated cleaning team that will respond directly to businesses’ needs. The team will operate seven days a week. Go! Southampton’s investment in two cleaning operatives is being matched by Southampton City Council, which will provide a further two. The team will raise the standard of delivery on a range of issues, including fly-posting, bin cleaning, graffiti and fly tipping. It will also offer a ‘bespoke’ cleaning service outside BID member premises as and when required.

Cleaner City

May 2018 – Street Support Website – Street Support is live! Southampton’s dedicated website – both for homeless people, and those who want to assist them – went online on May 1st. The website is the first result of the new citywide consortium ‘Beds, Begging & Business’ that is seeking to ensure both consistency in approach to the issue, and greater efforts on a variety of fronts. The Southampton site is funded by Southampton City Council, Go! Southampton and Rotary Club of Southampton.

March 2018 – City Centre Animation Project – Aluminium bins around Southampton’s City Centre were transformed into works of art as a part of an exhibition and city centre trail supported by GO! Southampton. The ten bins, stretching the length of Above Bar Street, were hand-painted by artist Kev Munday, as part of his three-month living exhibition, “Stand Together”.

Renowned Artist Transforms City’s Bins

February 2018 – Street Rangers Tender Issued – Go! Southampton issued a tender to provide rangers for the streets of the BID area. The scheme will provide a daily presence in the city centre with staff dedicated to reporting issues, helping visitors and meeting regularly with BID Businesses.  The tender provides for a 7-day, daytime service with links to Southampton City Council’s enforcement teams, the police, Southampton Business Against Crime (SOBAC) and other organisations that deal with issues in the city centre.

Tender Issued for City Rangers

February 2018 – Hearing Loop Project – Go! Southampton committed funding to help support the Loop Hearing Project with the aim of increasing the number of premises that have a hearing loop system. The BID’s involvement allows smaller businesses to install a system by offering a subsidy on the installation.

Hearing Loop Project Supported by GO! Southampton

November 2017 – Beds, Begging & Business – Go! Southampton staff and board members were among more than 70 stakeholders who came together to discuss rough sleeping and homelessness in Southampton at the first ‘Beds, Begging & Business’ conference. The conversation was organised to look afresh at issues of street homelessness – as well as aggressive begging –in the city. After an intensive day of discussion, the participants agreed to set up several groups to move forward the programme.

Beds, Begging & Business

November 2017 – Christmas Lights – On 11th November 2017 the Christmas lights were switched on with additional lights and decorations provided by GoSo in locations including London Road, Old Town and Bedford Place and East Street.

Go! Southampton Adds Extra Sparkle

October 2017 – Carpark Cleaning – This deep clean was part of a joint effort by the BID and the City Council to improve the experience of customers and staff who use the 5 multi storeys in the city. It also involves locking down the car parks at night to improve safety. So far, the BID’s contribution has been modest, but the results are encouraging and it’s likely that GO! Southampton will now invest more into projects across the city centre to really make it sparkle.

August 2017 – Cleaner City – Worked in partnership with Southampton City Council to devise a month-long programme of deep cleaning in the city centre which began on 29 August 2017. The BID will contribute to the cost of the scheme, helping the council to augment its existing street cleaning service.

Great City Centre Experience Southampton Makes BID for Cleaner City

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