Better Marketing

The Better Marketing Theme Group is chaired by Annaliese Hughes, Marketing Director of local restaurant and hotel group, Delicious Dining. The BID team member in charge of delivery is Heidi Isa (Marketing & Events Director). The core aims of the group are:

1. A Better Welcome
We will ensure that every visitor to Southampton has access to high-quality, real time, and relevant information on where to go and what to do before and during their visit to the city. Our marketing and communications plan will deliver a focal point for the collation and distribution of information. It will also consider an Ambassador scheme and a set of information points. Our significantly improved digital marketing strategy will include a more cohesive web presence. We will also review all access points such as car parks, the station, airport and the port entry to ensure they are welcoming to visitors, and promote the city centre.

2. A Bigger Welcome
We will raise Southampton’s profile as a place for business, culture and leisure both nationally and internationally. Southampton has lacked profile as a destination. We will work with destination marketing partners to make sure more people, particularly in the city and in the city’s 2 million-strong catchment area, are aware of, and excited by, what Southampton has to offer.

3. ’Stay Local’
We will target our existing city centre audiences, encouraging them to spend more time in the City Centre, especially in the evenings. Southampton has 33,000 local employees, 20,000 city centre residents and seafarers who make over 400,000 visits annually. We will introduce a local incentive or loyalty scheme, as well as an ‘Alive after Five’ programme to support the evening and night time offer. We will work closely with the cruise forum, maritime businesses, crew, staff and customers, to make sure that seafarers feel at home in Southampton.

4. Conduit for Data & Innovation
We will act as a hub for the collection and sharing of key metrics on City Centre activity to help support business growth. We will gather and analyse new data sets – such as dwell time, spend, hotel occupancy and satisfaction levels as well as conducting regular qualitative and quantitative market research. We will feed this data back to city centre businesses, as well as using it to drive the case for the city centre in wider forums.

For more detailed information about the projects of the Better Marketing Theme Group, please see the business plan or contact Heidi at

Projects and Achievements:

26.09.18 – Promoting the City – Go! Southampton commissioned Southampton communication agency, Carswell Gould, to undertake a PR project for the city.

The project involves highlighting Southampton in the regional, national and international press. The aim is to portray Southampton as a great place to visit, work (and study) and live. Some of the PR will be informed by Go! activity, but also the narrative for the city and its vibrant programme of events.

Get Involved in Promoting The City

13.09.18 – Comedy Central Warm-up Event Announced – Southampton is gearing up for the biggest comedy festival the city has ever seen. Venues within the city’s BID (Business Improvement District) have pledged to lay on five days of comedy events in the lead up to Comedy Central Live! Stand up shows, comedy film nights and a drag-hosted quiz night are just some of the evenings planned in a bid to get the city warmed up for a weekend of comedy.

Southampton is Having a Laugh

A man walked into a bar… Southampton’s businesses lay on warm up for comedy festival

02.07.18 – New B2B Site Launched – Go! Southampton announced the launch of a freshly designed B2B website. The site contains information about the background of the BID, our goals, commitments, the most up-to-date news, upcoming events and meetings.

The New Go! Southampton Website is Live

20.07.18 – Seaside in the Square Opens – Seaside in the Square officially opened to the public, offering 34 days of more than 100 free events and activities suitable for all the family, including an outdoor cinema, live music, beach soccer training, yoga, volleyball and much more.

Seaside in the Square

Crowds flock to Southampton’s Seaside in the Square

02.07.18 – Foodie Fortnight Announced – GO! Southampton announced it’s 2-week restaurant promotion – Foodie Fortnight.  Participating outlets will come up with a £10 or £15 offer which will be published on the Foodie Fortnight website and the event will be heavily promoted on social and digital platforms as well as in print. The idea is to get new customers through levy payers doors – people who might never have heard of your restaurant or those who need just a little bit of encouragement to give it a go.

Foodie Fortnight

23.05.18 – Summer Event Announced – GO! Southampton launched its summer event to reconnect the city centre with the sea by installing a 480m2 beach into Guildhall Square.  The “Seaside in the Square” will contain a full-size beach volleyball court that will be used for a variety of sports, a stage for live music and a bar.  A full programme of free events, from outdoor cinema to beach yoga and sand art will run from 20 July to 22 August.

Seaside in the Square

28.06.18 – Comedy Central Live Announced – GO! Southampton announced Comedy Central Live – a festival which is the first of its kind in the UK taking place exclusively in Southampton. It is the direct result of work by the team at GO! Southampton and seeks both to raise the profile of the city as an events destination, and to bring new business to city centre shops, bars, restaurants and other attractions.

GO! Southampton Succeeds in Bringing Comedy Central to the City

Comedy Central Live

02.05.18 – LoyalFree – Go Southampton launched a partnership with LoyalFree – the multi-award-winning digital app for local businesses. Levy payers can advertise their business, increase sales and reward their best customers with discounts and digital loyalty schemes.

Loyalty App For Southampton!

Loyalty App Gains Momentum

22.04.18 – ABP Marathon – On the 22nd of April 2018, the ABP Southampton Marathon returned 4th year, bigger and better than ever and GO! Southampton supported the event. The BID organised a medal discount scheme offered to finishers. The BID will also took part in the event itself, providing a pop-up tourist information stand on the day.

10.03.18 – Better Welcome – GO! Southampton worked on several projects to increase the visitor welcome to Southampton. The focus of this was to work with partners to produce new city maps, increase the print-run of the Southampton Pocket Guide and investigate tourist information stand options.

16.02.18 – Studio 144 Launch – The celebrations marking the opening of the long-awaited Studio 144 went off with a bang on 16.02.18, thanks in part to the support given by GO! Southampton. Providing a large screen that was positioned in Guildhall Square giving viewers details about the celebrations and showing a 1 minute “snapshot” film about the different elements of Southampton’s exciting Cultural Quarter (also commissioned by the BID).  In addition to the screen and the film, GO! Southampton was able to support the opening weekend by sponsoring the arrival of a replica spitfire to the Square. Children taking part in the Half Term Spitfire Trail (also commissioned by the BID) were delighted to see a real spitfire in addition to the pictures they had spotted in windows around the Cultural Quarter.

GO! Southampton Supports Studio 144 Launch

12.02.18 – Pop-up Tourist Information Stand – The BID arranged for SEE Southampton to man the branded pop-up tourist information stand throughout the half-term week. The stand was ideally situated on Above Bar Street outside the main Westquay entrance and was a great success with SEE Southampton reporting great numbers on interaction and interest, speaking to roughly 100 people per day.

29.11.17 – Winning Winter Windows – GO! Southampton launched a Christmas window competition in the independent shopping areas of Bedford Place, London Road and East Street. Over 35 businesses took part in the competition, and the public were asked to vote for their favourite window. The idea of the competition was to shine a spotlight on the lesser known, independent areas of the city which boast an incredibly diverse offering of shops and services.

Winning Winter Windows

Winners Announced in Christmas Window Competition

29.11.17 – Christmas Marketing Campaign Launched – The Christmas advertising campaign for Southampton was launched by GO! Southampton, reminding people that whatever they want from a city at Christmas, Southampton has got it.  There were radio ads, outdoor & online banners and posters and a dedicated webpage on Discover Southampton.

Go! Southampton Adds Extra Sparkle

04.10.17 – Attitudinal Research – Commissioned FSP to conduct attitudinal research in the city centre.

15.09.17 – Boat Show Stand – Secured a promotional opportunity at Southampton Boat show, giving the city tourist information representation to all visitors.  Used a large digital arch at the entrance of the show to promote all the elements of Southampton’s offer from eating out to shopping and culture.

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