Our Vision

With a catchment area of over two million people, a top 20 UK university education, a top 20 ranked shopping experience, the UK’s number one vehicle port and employment for 33,000 people in the city centre alone, Southampton remains one of the South coasts most impressive cities.

However, the city centre has much room for improvement if Southampton is to maintain and build on this position and if its businesses are to continue to thrive. We are going through a period of unprecedented opportunity; major landmark developments such as Westquay South and the Cultural Quarter are now complete and further new and exciting developments such as Bargate, East Street and several waterfront developments will continue to enhance the offer throughout the city.

The BID will continue to ensure that the city centre’s businesses are positioned to capitalise on these opportunities and create an outstanding reputation for Southampton’s City Centre to compete at a regional, national and international level.

With Go! Southampton’s position as an independent non-profit Business Improvement District, businesses can influence the future of our City Centre and take the initiative on the specific issues that they face.

GO! Southampton BID Year 3 Business Plan

Go! Southampton Year 2 Business Plan

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