Pancake House Manager/Assistant Manager – Stakks

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Pancake House Assistant Manager - Stakks

Pancake House Manager Full Time 45hrs
Pancake House Assistant Manager Full Time 36-45hrs

Stakks are looking for an Individual with 2-4 years in retail/hospitality Management Experience, alongside with Customer Service, Leadership & Supervision, Cost Control, Attention to Detail Orientation.

Candidate to be friendly, approachable, motivating, leading by example and flexible. Someone who is able to run a business and the team is an ideal candidate for this role. Excellent listening skills are a must, as is attention to detail, smart decision making and organisational, coaching skills. Our Pancake House is busy, fast paced and may require long hours. The minimum required skills include:

The ability to read and speak English to interact with employees, vendors and customers.

The strength to stand and walk for up to 12 hrs a day to assist customers and employees with all restaurant duties- from helping to unload the delivery to serving customers, to helping out in the kitchen.

The ability to lift heavy boxes of food supplies and items like table/chairs.

Flexibility and proactiveness is a must.


Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

The below closing date is estimated. If you are interested in this role, please apply ASAP. This role may be removed before the closing date listed here.

Apply: Email your CV FAO Anna Copper

Location: Stakks Pancake House, Marlands Shopping Centre Upper Level, Southampton SO14 7SJ

CLOSING DATE: 31 January 2022