Travel Plan Network meeting

The Travel Plan Network is FREE to attend and is open to people with environmental/sustainability-focused roles at work. The meeting is an opportunity for them to network with like-minded individuals, share experiences, challenges and best practice and hear about the latest developments in the industry. The meeting takes place a few times a year (Leon will be able to give you a more precise number) and members also receive tailored discounts and offer through a Membership Rewards Scheme. We recently produced a postcard to sell the benefits of the TPN – I have attached this for your information.


As part of the meetings, attendees occasionally get to hear from guest speakers and take part in various workshops and consultations. For the next meeting, we are introducing a new workplace focused campaign to attendees. The campaign is called ‘Bosses on Bikes’ and the idea is that if staff see their boss on a bike, they may be inspired to do the same. We have worked up some campaign ideas to present to the TPN and we will be asking people for their feedback and any other suggestions/ideas they have. We will also be looking to understand how we can support them to run their own versions of the campaign involving their own bosses. We hope that the organisations will then be able to promote their campaigns within their workplaces and across social media as a way of encouraging more staff to cycle to work.

The next meeting is on 19 December at Boldrewood Campus, University of Southampton from 1-4pm.