City Reopening – the next steps for your business

We’ve pulled together key information and guidance below to support our businesses in Southampton as they prepare to open their doors again when lockdown is over and we move back into the Tiered system. Our COVID-19 page, containing information and updates from the start of the first lockdown in March is still available here.

Supporting non-essential retail

Since March we have been working closely with Southampton City Council to prepare for the city’s reopening back in June. Floor markers, designed by Local Artist Nathan Evans, have been installed outside of stores to assist with queue management. Other measures we have implemented/are implementing with the Council include:

  • Floor arrows within the city centre to encourage a one-way flow of traffic
  • Extra space for residents to walk and cycle more freely especially around busy bus stops
  • Plentiful, secure and convenient cycle parking
  • Enhanced street cleaning regimes for priority and high contact areas

We also produced business guidance for the retail sector prior to opening week which outlines key points to get your business COVID-secure, necessary risk assessment practice and effective queue management for customer-facing businesses. This will be applicable to those reopening after the January 2021 lockdown – view the document here.

Be Smart Stay Apart
For consumers, we’ve created a ‘Be Smart Stay Apart’ webpage on the Visit Southampton website, containing key information and advice to offer consumers reassurance about the measures being taken in the city centre.

Southampton Inside Out
We’ve been working with the Council and other stakeholders to explore how we can increase/simplify opportunities for outdoor space to be utilised for customer seating. Since July we have made significant progress and have worked with the Council on the Bedford Place/Carlton Place road closure pilot scheme. Find out more about our Southampton Inside Out initiative here.

General guidance for the pubs, bars and restaurants

The ‘Working safely during COVID-19’ Government guidance has been updated to reflect the changes for restaurants, pubs and bars. The advice covers a spectrum of areas such as staff areas, customer toilets, serving food and drink, keeping the venue clean and dealing with inbound and outbound goods. Much like all other sectors, organisations must carry out a mandatory risk assessment to assess and create interventions for any risks. Summarised below are some sector-specific points for venues to consider:

Rule of six 
From 18 September, the rule of six was introduced by law, meaning that groups of more than six cannot meet socially in any indoor or outdoor setting. Businesses, in particular those in hospitality, must reinforce the rule of six and ensure tables/groups do not mix or they could be fined up to £4,000.

This above rule of six will depend on which Tier Southampton moves into after lockdown is over. If we move into Tier 3 the rule of six applies to outdoors settings with people in different household/support bubbles. Within indoor settings, tables must be of the same house.

Data collection for Test and Trace service
Under new Government law, it is now mandatory for hospitality venues to obtain customer/visitor/staff records to support the Test and Trace system. If businesses do not comply they can be fined up to £4,000. Bookings systems will be able to help track contact details and gathering of data must comply with GDPR (current data protection law)– see the full guidance from ICO here. Main areas to consider are:

  • Only collect the minimum amount of information necessary for contact tracing (full name, date and time of visit and email or telephone number)
  • Keep customers informed as to why you are collecting their data using a privacy notice
  • Protect the data by nominating one staff member to have access to it
  • Do not use the data for your business’ marketing communications
  • Discard data after the nominated time (21 days)

NHS COVID-19 app
From 24 September, businesses in the hospitality, leisure, tourism and close-contact service sectors are legally required to display a NHS QR code poster in their premise to support the new NHS Covid-19 app.

Businesses must get their own unique QR code using the online service here. Codes must be printed and displayed on a poster (or multiple posters to avoid queuing) in your premise and you must ask customers/visitors to scan the code and ‘check-in’ using the NHS COVID-19 app. Businesses can also find online resources and a toolkit to promote the app here.

Social Distancing
All venues must adhere to social distancing measures for both staff and customers. Furniture, seating areas and waiting areas should be rearranged to fit with the 2m rules. Where 2m is not possible, 1m+ is allowed if extra mitigation measures are put in place. For example, dining tables and chairs should be 2m apart from each other (on all sides) or 1m+ with protective screens around them. Businesses should also think about liaising with neighbouring businesses and Southampton City Council on managing outside queues.

Managing Numbers
As current Government guidance states that only two households can be together at any one time in indoor or outdoor settings, or up to six people can meet if, from more than two households, businesses should restrict the number of people to six at a table at any time help adhere to these rules. Those from separate households should still be socially distancing.

Venues could utilise booking systems to manage numbers and keep capacity at a safe level. Making pre-booking mandatory (online and/or telephone bookings) will also assist with data collection and help to remove issues with queuing to enter your venue.

Handling food
When handling food, businesses can refer to the Food Standard Agency’s website which has information on reopening and adapting food businesses. This guidance is advised to be used in conjunction with the above Government guidelines. There are pages on cleaning effectively in your business, food safety for food delivery and a reopening checklist.

Minimising Contact
Businesses should find ways to minimise contact between customers and staff members. This could be done through the use of an ordering app, encouraging customers to pre-order online, having specific areas or zones for kitchen workers and limiting times at counters or collection points.

Guidance for other sectors

Supporting the NHS COVID-19 app/ Test and Trace

It is now mandatory for a range of different businesses to collect and log customer and staff details to support the NHS Test and Trace service. Venues include those in leisure, hospitality, tourism and close-contact services. To find out more about Test and Trace and the details your business needs to acquire go here.

From 24 September, businesses in the sectors mentioned above will be legally required to display a NHS QR code poster in their premise to support the new NHS Covid-19 app. Businesses can get their own unique QR code using the online service here. Codes must be printed and displayed on a poster (or multiple posters to avoid queuing) in your premise and you must ask customers/visitors to scan the code and ‘check-in’ using the NHS Covid-19 app. Southampton hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses can read the open letter from Hampshire County Council regarding the new rules here. Businesses can also find online resources and a toolkit to promote the app here.

Businesses can find more information on how to collect customers data including for Test and Trace service and NHS Covid-19 app here.

Wearing a face covering

It is now mandatory for all customers, visitors and staff to wear face coverings in indoor settings apart from when seated at a table for eating or drinking. Customers must wear a face covering when entering and moving around a business (i.e going to the toilet), you can see the full list of when to wear one here. Staff members must also wear a face covering whilst at work. If anyone does not comply with the above they can be fined, apart from those who may be exempt from wearing one.

Working Safely guidance

The Government has released working safely guidance for all other sectors that are permitted to reopen. Below are links to each guide; some organisations may need to refer to more than one:
The Visitor Economy – including accommodation providers and indoor and outdoor attractions
Hotels and Other Guest Accommodation – to be read in conjunction with the Visitor Economy guidance
Heritage Locations – including heritage attractions and various places/businesses that happen to be in a historic building setting
Close Contact Services – including hairdressers/barbershops, tattoo studios, tailors, nail bars, beauty salons and tanning booths
Offices and contact centres – current Government guidance states to work from home, where possible
Shops and branches– includes any type of retail shop, chemists, indoor and outdoor markets and car dealerships
Performing arts
Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services
Construction and other outdoor work
Factories, plants and warehouses
Labs and research facilities

Other people’s homes
Providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities

Risk Assessments

For all industries and businesses wishing to reopen they must complete a risk assessment. The Health and Safety Executive has produced guidance to help you work safely / be COVID-secure and manage the risk associated with running your business at this time. Find the full guidance here. It is not mandatory but it is strongly advised that businesses display this official poster in their shop window once they have completed the necessary steps. This will help reassure your customers. Our rangers have been distributing a COVID-secure poster which algins to the overall ‘Be Smart, Stay Apart’ branding for businesses to display. This is complementary to the official poster and should not replace it. If you would like a copy of the poster please get in touch with us at

Southampton From Your SOfa

Many cultural venues remain unable to open, with significant challenges around adhering to social distancing guidelines in a commercially viable way. Working in partnership with a range of cultural partners across the city we’ve launched ‘Southampton From Your SOfa’ – a digital hub of online content to showcase the city’s cultural sector its positive economic impact.

Content is hosted on our Visit Southampton website and we have commissioned four local artists to bring the campaign to life with support from Solent Showcase Gallery. We have also shared a partner toolkit for our members to help promote this initiative – if you would like the toolkit again please contact us on View the Southampton From Your SOfa content here.

Recovery Plans

City centre recovery plan
Our city-centre recovery plan recaps what we did through the first lockdown in March to support our levy payers and outlines our current recovery activity and future plans. View the plan on our recovery page here.A printed version of the plan has been hand-delivered to our levy payers.

In September we distributed our Autumn Newsletter – you can view it here.

Covid-19 Winter Plan
During the second lockdown in November, the team worked hard to adjust our priorities and projects to ensure they align with supporting levy payers during November and into Christmas. You can view the plan here.

In December, before Christmas our team delivered our Winter Newsletter – you can view it here.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to the reopening of your business / the city centre, please contact or contact individual team members here.