GO! Southampton will go to ballot in 2021 to secure the mandate and investment to continue for a further five years. Our mission is to strive to continuously improve the city centre by delivering relevant services, providing a voice for our businesses, influencing strategy and being a catalyst for positive change.

With almost 5 years under our belt and a track record of making things happen, GO! Southampton has earned its place as a credible contributor to the success of the City Centre. As we near the end of our first five year term we are now seeking your feedback and suggestions to assist us in preparing our proposal for 2022-27.

In October 2021, along with all eligible businesses in the BID area, you will be invited to vote on whether you would like GO! Southampton to continue for a further five years. Without your support and a majority YES vote at the ballot, GO! Southampton will be wound down and all of the services and projects it delivers will come to an end.

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