First customers enjoy the benefits of toob’s hyperspeed broadband

toob has announced its first successfully connected customers who are now able to enjoy their online experience at hyperspeed in Southampton. With toob’s hyperspeed full-fibre connection, customers are now experiencing 900Mbps download and 900Mbps upload speeds, which is transforming how they use the internet.

Ed, one of toob’s first customers, is an aspiring 3D graphic designer. He explains how much of an impact the hyperspeed connection has made in such a short space of time:

“My girlfriend and I are hugely reliant on our broadband. We regularly watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on our TV and spend a lot of time online gaming. My girlfriend studies online whilst I work on my 3D designs, often broadcasting live on Twitch for instant feedback. It’s fair to say, our internet is working 24 hours a day!”

“When I am streaming my 3D graphic design work, I want people to see the detail of what I am doing.  With my previous broadband connection, it kept cutting out and the video quality was terrible. It was a disaster! Now with toob, I can stream in HD without any problems.”

Nick Parbutt, toob’s CEO, said: “I am delighted to launch our hyperspeed broadband in Southampton. Our first customers have told us how much of a positive impact fast, reliable broadband has had.

Whether our customers are streaming movies, shopping, studying, working, or gaming or all of these at the same time, our hyperspeed broadband has the speed and reliability to deliver it all without slowing or interruption. We look forward to continuing our roll-out across Southampton and bringing the benefits of hyperspeed broadband to the whole City.”

toob is a full-fibre broadband provider based on the South Coast, and is deploying its own network, offering residential and business customers a 900Mbps symmetrical broadband service.

By investing £50 million into Southampton, toob will deploy its network to 100,000 properties over the next two years, with a view to connect a total of over 1 million properties across the South of England.

The service is currently available in a few apartment blocks to the south of the city centre, with more becoming available within the next few weeks.

The network construction has also begun in the Bevois area, with the whole of the City being complete by the end of 2021.

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