Get Involved in Promoting the City

Go! Southampton has commissioned Southampton communication agency, Carswell Gould, to undertake a PR project for the city.

The project involves highlighting Southampton in the regional, national and international press. The aim is to portray Southampton as a great place to visit, work (and study) and live. Some of the PR will be informed by Go! activity, but also the narrative for the city and its vibrant programme of events.

The project seeks to draw attention to new developments in the city and would like to hear your news. Get in touch if you have a story that you think would merit a mention in the national or international press – anything new for 2019 or maybe a quirky news item that would add to the positive coverage of Southampton.

We are also interested in any members of the media (print, online and broadcast journalist) that have links with the city. They may have been born here, have family here, have lived here in the past, have a holiday home in the area, or and have studied here. Get in touch if you know of a journalist that may be encouraged to write about the city, to visit or to revisit.

In the hope that you will be able to assist us with our project.

To get in touch please email us via