Hearing Loop Project Supported by GO! Southampton

Go! Southampton has committed funding to help support the Loop Hearing Project with the aim of increasing the number of premises that have a hearing loop system.

Go! Southampton’s involvement will allow smaller businesses to install a system by offering a subsidy on the installation.

Caroline Osman of French Shoes is keen to take up the offer and said “I always thought that there was only one type of system. In fact there is a whole range – down to a loop that can be placed by the till or a portable one that can be used at different locations in the premises. This could work for many businesses.”

In addition Healthwatch – part of Southampton Voluntary Services – is working with larger stores in Southampton to ensure their loop systems are fully functional and to train staff. Body Shop has recently launched an initiative to make sure all their UK stores’ systems are working.

If you are interested in knowing more or would like to be included in the first phase please contact the Go! Southampton Office. 

More details about Healthwatch can be found here: