Go Southampton


Theme Groups

Members of Go! Southampton are eligible to attend and participate in our three theme groups. Each theme group is allocated an annual budget and members are responsible for overseeing projects that will benefit Southampton’s business community.

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To get involved and for dates of upcoming meetings, please contact the relevant theme group chair

Stronger Business

  • Conduit for Data & Innovation
  • Better Economies of Scale
  • Better Voice for Business
  • Developing and Retaining Skills
  • Investment Opportunities

Chair: Tim.Keeping@gosouthampton.co.uk

A Great City Centre Experience

  • Cleaner City Centre
  • Safer City Centre
  • Coordinated and Better Events
  • Better Transport

Chair: Spencer.Bowman@gosouthampton.co.uk

Better Marketing

  • Better Welcome
  • Bigger Welcome
  • Local and Longer
  • Conduit for Data and Innovation

Chair: Annaliese.Hughes@gosouthampton.com